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Bagging Machine

One of our Clients needed to regulate the flow of sludge they pump into a filtration system, the speed of the pump was causing major issues  for them, we suggested they utilise a Variable Speed Drive, although hesitant at first due to the cost, they soon changed there tune once we had it up and running for them.

VSD Internal
Trash Pump

Pendant Control with Illuminated Start Button, Stop Button & Speed Controller Pot

Internal View of VSD Cabinet showing ABB ACS580 15Kw Variable Speed Drive Ready for wiring terminations.

15Kw Sump Pump in Position ready for test & Commissioning before being sent out to the field for the Client.

This Portable Generator was incorrectly fitted with an ordinary Safety Switch, and would not Trip under fault conditions.

Elektrix Supplied & Installed the correct Safety Switch and Industrial Waterproof Outlets, giving the client and their Personnel peace of mind.